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Andre Augusto
Andre Augusto

San Francisco, CA

Senior Product Designer at @YML

art direction, branding, illustration, motion ui, product design, ui, user research, ux, web design

  1. Skyline Solutions Responsive Website animation motion black  white black solutions skyline desktop mobile website design responsive interface uidesign visual design website
  2. Skyline Solutions Responsive Website desktop solutions skyline black  white responsive design mobile ui webdesign interface ui design visual design mobile
  3. Skyline Solutions Responsive Website webdesign responsive website visual design ui design solutions skyline responsive design motion mobile desktop interface black  white black animation
  4. Ecoloop Recycling App vector logo illustration app branding ui uidesign illustrations/ui illustrations green white clean ecoloop mobile recycle app
  5. Ryds App intro mobile logo presentation animation motion blue app motion design branding
  6. Ryds app - login flow loader flow login superbikes bikes motorcycle rides ryds blue motion design dark ui app design mobile app motion mobile
  7. Ryds app share rider motorcycle bike uidesign user interface dark clean app mobile
  8. Ryds app - Reset password flow success message form mobile dark ui blue recover password forgot password reset password flow ryds app design
  9. Ryds app - Riding your dreams icon app motorcycle helmet ryds motion identity icon brandbook ui logo mobile design branding
  10. Roverpix UI Kit platform design system ui kit style guide grey dark blue orange
  11. Roverpix App roverpix qrcode photo photography gallery ux research ux design uidesign interface visual design app design app mobile
  12. Roverpix App orange roverpix ui mobile app design branding purchase gallery photos dark ui mobile
  13. Roverpix App design system ux design interface design studio photo app dark tablet app
  14. Lock animation (contextualized) animation profile menu toggle change password lock dark ui motion
  15. Confirm button animation flat loading bar loader loading submit confirm send prototype microinteraction interaction tap ux experiment motion ui button interface design blue animation
  16. Video call on the website omnize chat mobile red uxdesign design ui incoming video call web chat widget app
  17. Video call on the website rating modal incoming video call appear in skype hangout messenger chat app widget ui design uxdesign red mobile chat
  18. Omnize New Logo branding redesign concept omnize customer experience messenger chat brand logo redesign
  19. Multichannel Messenger App inbox messenger conversation user experience interface ui app design chat mobile
  20. Multichannel Messenger App webchat facebook whatsapp inbox conversation chat messenger white black red clean interface mobile app
  21. tawk.to Design System app library style guide pattern visual design uidesign consistency white grey green system design system design
  22. tawk.to Design concept - Dark mode video uxmotion uidesign ui tawk tawk.to platform motion design motion lightmode gif animated desktop app darkmode customer service chat branding app design app
  23. tawk.to Developer Plataform chat brand isometric illustration livechat uidesign webhooks webhook javascript documentation api develop blog developer dashboard platform mobile talk tawk tawk.to zapier
  24. tawk.to Survey Landing Page app win prize illustration call to action faceless branding chat app chat white surveymonkey survey landing page clean grey green tawk.to
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